IPSC Scoring | Competitions

Handle as many competitions as you like



Create as many competitions as you like.


















Configure Competition






Name your competition and add some stages and shooters














Add shooters








Add shooters















Adjust settings for shooter if needed






















Add stages. Name them if you want to



















Need to reorder stages?

Just hit Edit (lower right corner ) and drag them to change stage order.




















Hit the crosshairs to start scoring.

Choose a stage and score all shooters until your done.

Choose another stage and do it again.











Scoring Scoring has never been easier!

Don’t mind the A-hits. IPSC Scoring knows!

Just input C(B), D, Miss, NoShoots and penalties

Time has been optimized for fast input.
Just press the digits without commas.
















Stage statistics


Stats (upper right corner when scoring) shows some fun stats about your score