IPSC Scoring App

• Fast and easy scoring. For real! • A-hits are automatically calculated • Improve from calculated statistics • Create and share pdf reports And of course: • Unlimited number of competitions • Unlimited number of stages and shooters • Create and share entire competitions

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The best IPSC / USPSA Scoring app yet?

IPSC Scoring is the ultimate app for scoring and sharing IPSC and USPSA competitions and trainings. Share whole competitions with others who use IPSC Scoring or send the results as a Pdf report for viewing on other devices. IPSC Scoring supports all aspects of IPSC and USPSA, everything from stages, shooters, divisions and categories and calculating stage- and competition-results on the fly.

A-hits are automatically calculated. We have really put some serious effort into making scoring fast and easy
Handy statistics lets you see what could have been.
Reports are created as PDF and creates an e-mail ready to be sent to participants